Our team consists of graphic, product, textile and packaging designers, architects, engineers and production specialists. Our aim is to create a unique identity with a pervasive image across all communications media.

Spaces make brands three-dimensional and have a sensory appeal. This goes for trade fair stands, brand shops, flagship stores, architectural branding, routing and signage systems, exhibitions, events, museums or corporate culture. Our portfolio ranges from implementing to defining specifications in design manuals.

Zu Corporate Spaces

We develop core elements of visuals, such as logos, slogans, stationery, corporate typography or corporate colours. The goal is to deliver a unique and exceptional identity with a consistent image across both analogue and digital media – from pens, products, packaging or trade fair stands, whether online or in films.

Zu Corporate Design

Communication design includes developing catalogues, product brochures, workbooks, manuals, graphics for products and trade show stands, publicity and ad campaigns, giveaways, websites and digital publishing, as well as managing production of these items.


Zu Communication Design

We collaborate with editors, journalists and photographers to produce new, relaunched, CD-compliant adaptations of printed or online versions of magazines, journals, books, brochures and image publications. We usually also manage the entire production of the media designed, from selecting suppliers to print approvals.

Zu Editorial Design

In addition to traditional product design, we design and develop a whole host of presentation and communications objects for products or brands, such as displays, sales tool kits and exhibits. These three-dimensional objects are a fun way of lending the characteristics of brands and products a sensory appeal.

Zu Product Design

Packaging is an added value marketing tool for products and brands. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, packaging design requires exceptional technical expertise which spans design to the materials selected, the production and finishing technology, warehousing and transport logistics, ergonomics and handling, to recycling and disposing of waste.

Zu Packaging Design

We develop contemporary and brand specific collections of colours, surfaces and materials, colour shows and colour previews for brand and product manufacturers from a diverse range of industries, such as the automotive, fashion, interiors and consumer electronics segments. And we do so from the design phase to the creation of samples, to presentation on the customer’s premises to development of the production-ready technology.

Zu Colour and Trim

In order to develop successful products for tomorrow’s world, knowledge about social trends in special markets and socio-cultural preferences is vital. Based on collection developments, sales figure analyses, colour previews and market research studies, we’re fully aware of the markets, products and industries that certain colours are successful in.

Zu Trendanalyses