The development of a new product is a joint development process between a customer and an agency. No innovation is successful unless it’s structurally embedded in a company and supported across all hierarchies. A systematic procedure in four phases has proved to be invaluable.

Before developing brand or product communications, the first task is to understand and put into words the values of a company or a product, its identity and industry specific environment. If required, we will appoint specialists to draw up surveys and studies and generate clear criteria for creating and evaluating the results.

Our goal is to deliver a customised concept. At the same time, we plan an efficient design and liaison process that gives our customers the opportunity to recognise the potential of solutions at an early stage. This makes briefing transparent and generates a good communicative basis to proceed with the job.

In terms of design, we place emphasis on implementing the design concept transparently, both in terms of the style and content specified. At an early design phase, we take into account practical or technical aspects and of course interact with the other teams of experts involved. Providing feedback to customers is crucial to achieving the end result.

In our workshop we can put concepts to the test before they go into production, make models, prototypes, small batches or single objects. Furthermore, we supervise each production run on site, or on the production facilities. The finished product is the end of the design process, but the support we provide usually doesn’t stop there.